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If you're interested in joining one of these groups, please enter its name and number (eg, AKAR 001) by clicking here, and we'll send you contact details of the convenor. Most groups meet in the evenings - if they meet during the daytime, it will be indicated below. Cities and towns are listed alphabetically.

Christchurch - Halswell - Group #: CHCH 354
Women aged 25-55 years. Relaxed, mostly first timers for book clubs. We meet every two months, using the half programme.
Christchurch - New Brighton - Group #: CHCH 110
Our group meets in the New Brighton library, in the staffroom after the closure of the library, at 6pm (one of the members is library staff). New members most welcome.
Christchurch - Riccarton - Group #: CHCH 275
Christchurch - Rolleston - Group #: CHCH 277
Christchurch - South Shore - Group #: CHCH 331
New men's group; members welcome from South Brighton, New Brighton &/or South Shore
The Book Discussion 
Scheme is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations in Aotearoa New Zealand