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If you're interested in joining one of these groups, please enter its name and number (eg, AKAR 001) by clicking here, and we'll send you contact details of the convenor. Most groups meet in the evenings - if they meet during the daytime, it will be indicated below. Cities and towns are listed alphabetically.

Little River - Group #: LITRIV 001
We are eight friendly women with a love of reading across a wide range of genres and we enjoy lively discussions across a variety of topics.
Lyttelton - Group #: CHCH 339
Group of women (school mums) in 38-50 years age group; convenor is based in Church Bay.
Enrolled in Half programme.
Lyttelton - Group #: LYTTEL 006
A half programme group of women (we have a BDS book every second month.
Lyttelton - Group #: LYTTEL 007
Friendly and sociable book lovers. Happy to welcome new members to the group.
Methven - Group #: METH 001
Ten women in the group. A range of ages and some interesting backgrounds and experiences to enhance the discussions.. We meet 2nd Wed of month at 10am and we take turns to host the session. We discuss the book and go off at tangents that the book leads us to. Easy going and open-minded.
The Book Discussion 
Scheme is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations in Aotearoa New Zealand