Library groups



Are you a librarian who'd like to borrow our resources to run book groups in your library?

$75 per member | Free for coordinators | No registration fee

BDS is partnering with libraries around the country to provide resources for librarian-run book groups. The library provides a coordinator (whose membership fee is waived) and BDS provides the book sets and discussion questions. 

We recognise libraries’ important role as community hubs: They are accessed by a wide cross section of people and provide a welcoming space for the book group to meet, without the need for individual members to host. Likewise, the libraries we work with value hosting a BDS book group as an opportunity for community engagement . Utilising our service also allows library funds and resources to go where they’re most needed, rather than replicating the BDS model with many multiple copies of books and discussion questions.

Most library groups join our full programme.

You can also choose to host an ESOL/migrant group in your library.

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My book group at the library needed a new convenor and I put my hand up, thank goodness as I love it. BDS is a great service.

Barbara, Christchurch

I had been attending a Bookchat group at the library for many years but there was very little opportunity to talk about the books we had read... I like the fact that in our BDS group we stay on the topic.

Book Group Member, Picton

Over the years people had often asked us about a book club (I work in the library) so when we moved to better premises with more space we decided to do it.

Helen, Kaitaia