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Are you a volunteer or organisation interested in helping establish a fun, informal ESOL book groups for migrants where they can chat in English and learn more about New Zealand life?

$15 per member | Free for coordinator/s | No registration fee

BDS is partnering with volunteers and organisations who work with migrants, including public libraries, around the country to provide resources for ESOL book groups.  An ESOL or Intermediate English book group is a great way to practise reading, comprehension and speaking aloud in English. It's also an opportunity to meet new people and relax in the company of fellow learners.

An ESOL book group operates in much the same way as our classic programme, with the following differences and benefits:

  • Up to 12 members per group, with no minimum
  • Free membership for the Coordinator and up to two native English-speaking volunteers
  • No one-off registration fee
  • Books are selected from our Intermediate English print catalogue (PDF 479KB) or by using the Intermediate English filter and Quick Read [QR] tags in the online catalogue.
  • ESOL groups only need to select 15 titles, of which they will receive 10

Download and complete the registration form below or contact us for more information or to request a  information pack.

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You do a great job and are a wonderful resource. I got great pleasure when meeting one of the original members of the Intercultural book group I ran in 2014 that through the confidence she gained and the improvement in her English and appreciation of books she has gone on to re-train as a nurse in NZ. Her husband told me it was all because of me and the Intercultural book club. The group disbanded after a few years as most of the members got jobs.

Virginia, ex-convenor of Auckland Intercultural Book Group

Discussion helps you to open your mind to other things you didn't see, makes you think about the questions more deeply...If I didn't join the group I wouldn't read so much. I like having to read a new book each month with the group, it helps me learn more.

Joy, ESOL book group member, Tauranga

Over the years people had often asked us about a book club (I work in the library) so when we moved to better premises with more space we decided to do it.

Helen, Kaitaia