School groups



Are you a teacher, parent, or school librarian who'd like to set up a book group for students?

$30 per member | $20 for coordinators | No registration fee

BDS is partnering with schools around the country to provide resources for student book groups. The school provides a coordinator and a meeting place, and BDS provides the book sets and discussion questions. 

Our school programme operates similarly to our full programme, with the following differences:

  • School groups select 15 titles from our catalogue, of which they will receive five.
  • Book sets are dispatched once a month during the first half of the year only, to leave the second half of the year free for end-of-year assessments.
  • Groups generally have between seven and 12 members including the coordinator. There is a minimum group fee of $200 for groups with six or fewer members.

Our school programme is also suitable for tertiary students who often lose the habit of reading for pleasure and wellbeing as their textbooks take precedence during their years of study.

Contact us to find out more about starting a book group in your school or tertiary institution or to request a free information pack.

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Our students are blown away by your catalogue. It got them really excited and they thought it was cruel not to be able to choose 100 books to get in the first week!

Aquinas College, Otago

We started to use teacher facilitators from outside of the English department, to show that reading isn't just our domain.

Sancta Maria College,  Auckland

We can't buy every book we think would be great for students. This programme has enabled us to find books that take our learners outside their comfort zones, without committing the school to expensive purchases.

Sancta Maria College,  Auckland