Title: Breaking of Eggs, The
Authors: Powell, Jim
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 342
Year: 2010
Language: English
Description: Feliks Zhukovski, born in Poland, resident of Paris, is a man of order and routine and leftist sympathies. His life has centred around publishing a travel guide to the eastern bloc. When the Iron Curtain is swept aside, so too are the assumptions and convictions underpinning his life. This is a story of Europe, wartime and aftermath, and what happens when you are forced to question what you have always believed. Thoughtful in content, light-hearted in style. What's Hot - May 2013

Comments from Groups:

A true book club read. Dannevirke 001

The group, except for one, found it to be an astonishingly good book. Extremely well written and set in a diverse and complex scenario. Thoroughly recommended. Christchurch 166

Our group enjoyed this moving story and the skilful writing style, combining historical events and storytelling. Auckland 167

We enjoyed this intelligent and well written book and it generated much discussion within the group. We would recommend this book. Paraparaumu 001

There was a mixed reaction to this book. The majority enjoyed it appreciating its overall plot and themes of national identity and a possibly unfulfilled life. Auckland 015

Could have been our best book and therefore best discussion this year. Members loved the combination of novel, character and politics. Hamilton 007

An amazing story, one that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Written in a fairly light-hearted manner, it nevertheless covered all the emotions. A great lesson in geography and history; well written with good characters. Quite thought-provoking with many "what ifs" - very much recommended. Whitby 002

The members all agreed that the book was a worthwhile read. We enjoyed seeing the development of Feliks, from a non emotional, static introvert, to his realisation that a perspective of events had a bearing on perception. Circumstances led him to meet his brother, which set him on a path to investigate changes in Europe, politics and eventually to confront his past. Finding overwhelming emotion when hearing from his mother, helped Feliks to realise he was not just an onlooker, but actually part of a relationship. He no longer thought only of himself, but came to realise he belonged to a home, family and friends. Katikati 001

We liked the book. It was interesting that a lot of things that happened to the main character, were perceived by his brother to mean the opposite. The politics/war was interesting but overbearing at times. It led to a varied discussion on perspectives, war time and history. Auckland 248

Most of the group found it a challenge, but it created a long discussion. Christchurch 262

We thought that parts of this book (ie the mother's letter) were very well written, but most of us found the constant self examination and politics of the narrator repetitive and, at times. tedious. Tauranga 038

"Clever writing" was the consensus of opinion. The questions gave us much to discuss and think about. Hamilton 024

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By: GOVER 003 2019-01-25 14:59:10
Everyone enjoyed this book. We had probably the longest and deepest discussion of any we have had in the 3-4 years of our group. Highly recommended.

By: CLYDE 002 2019-01-25 14:53:08
People really enjoyed this book. We found the change within the main character wonderful as he came to realise very important 'truths' about his family and life.

By: WAIHI 001 2019-01-25 14:49:35
Best book this year.

By: AUCK 063 2019-01-25 14:49:01
No low scores, but our group very divided into those who loved this book and those who felt frustrated with some 'conveniences'. Great history lesson and discussion though!

By: NELS 015 2019-01-25 14:47:28
Most of us enjoyed the book - interesting to read a different aspect on communism. We found Feliks to be very irritating in his insistence that his views were always 'right" and others were deluded, though the humour brought a lighter side to him. Some members thought it was too intellectual, and that all the loose ends tied up too neatly at the end. A fascinating look at an aspect of history ( the plight of Poland - invaded by both Nazis and Russians) that isn't often addressed.

By: AUCK 332 2019-01-25 14:42:06
Our Group all enjoyed "The Breaking of Eggs". An interesting story portrayed through an average man as his life changed radically when he came in touch with his past. His outlook broadened through travel to America where he met different people and family members he hadn't seen in years; changing his views from the narrow outlook of his pervious life. A book to make one think.

By: PARAPA 006 2019-01-25 14:30:07
All loved this book.

By: DUNED 091 2019-01-25 14:27:56
Everyone really enjoyed this. Well-written and thought provoking on many levels.

By: HAMIL 059 2018-06-22 14:54:35
We all loved this book. Feliks appears unemotional in the first part of the novel until he finds the letter from his mother. A must read.

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