Title: Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, The
Authors: Bailey, Elisabeth Tova
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 183
Year: 2010
Language: English
Description: As noted by Florence Nightingale, "a small pet is often an excellent companion". Such was the case for Elisabeth Tova Bailey. Incapacitated by chronic illness she was reduced to a bedridden existence with a small common woodland snail as her companion and eventually the focus for her in-depth scientific study of gastropods (snails). Part memoir, part natural history lesson, this book is a gentle and moving examination of the profound connection between humans and nature. It leaves the reader an expert on snails, mindful of the gift of good health and with the incentive to look at the world anew. Winner of the 2010 National Outdoor Book Awards, Natural History Literature, US. What's Hot - October 2013

Comments from Groups:

Great book. We will all look differently at snails now! One of the best books we have read. Auckland 216

This book sparked vigorous discussion - most loved it for its slow pace, extraordinary biological detail...but most of all for the subtle parallels drawn between the snail's life and the author's illness. Wellington 012

Big discussion about snails, getting over sickness and caring for something (the snail). After this read everybody will treat little animals differently. Turangi 001

We thought the format was beautiful and really enjoyed the quotations. Found [the author's] research and observation of snails fascinating. Coromandel 002

Categories: Non fiction, Biography, Award Winner, Medical/Health, Science & Technology, What's Hot


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