Title: Martian, The
Authors: Weir, Andy
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 370
Year: 2014
Language: English
Description: Astronaut Mark Watney has cause to be very grateful for his green thumbs. Stranded on Mars with limited resources and a long wait for potential rescue, being able to grow food could make all the difference. Fortunately Mark is an engineer as well as a botanist and he will need every skerrick of knowledge and resourcefulness he has to stay alive in the Martian environment.

This is a gripping survival story of nail-biting tension and plausible science so convincing that you'll be puzzled as to why you can't remember the coverage of the mission launch. [small font]

Comments from Groups:

A very positive reaction by everyone. Best book this year! Great discussion followed. Highly recommended. Whangarei 023

Half of our group really enjoyed this book, and the other half were lukewarm, but everyone had read it, which is unusual in our group! It was very technical at times, but not beyond the realms of possibility. It was thought-provoking in many ways. Christchurch 239

Several of us thought it was the best book we had read in a long time. Some did not enjoy it at all, finding it too scientific. Palmerston North 029

We all loved this book! It led to a great discussion of human nature and individual human worth. Personally, I had to keep reminding myself that it was not a true story! Auckland 236

'The Martian' scored a 7 out of 10 by those who finished the book. Our group found the story an interesting concept, a light read, and enjoyable particularly as unexpected things happened to the hero. Of interest was the manner in which Watney kept finding ways to stay alive, despite all sorts of impossible odds. Most found the ending poor and a "let-down'. The book highlighted the enormous logistics (and cost!) involved in such a mission, and the potential for massive problems if every contingency isn't planned for. A most enjoyable meeting. Christchurch 320

Loved it! Auckland 143

Those who finished the book enjoyed it. The discussion was animated and wide ranging, with an interesting variety of opinions. Some enjoyed the book more after seeing the movie, others vice versa. Most found the technical information boring. Northland 003

There was too much detail, however most really enjoyed the book and found it humorous. It would be a great book to introduce to College students, to gear them towards science studies. Mangawhai 001

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By: CHCH 213 2018-11-28 14:56:25
We were all surprised we liked the book - all of us were reluctant starters, and we can't remember who requested it! Many thanks.

By: TEAWA 006 2018-11-28 14:54:16
Mixed feelings about book. Some loved it and re-read it. Others couldn't get into it and didn't finish it.

By: MARTON 001 2018-11-28 14:49:26
A great read. Such a good humoured character - no matter what he encountered he didn't blame anyone. He was extremely resourceful and forward looking, and constantly positive. Very clever writing. Enjoyed by all our group , even the non-science ones.

By: GISB 005 2018-11-28 14:46:10
We had a great evening. Nobody loved the book really, but we had some good chats about it. The detail in the text was enjoyed.

By: TURA 003 2018-11-28 14:44:57
Great discussion - heartily enjoyed.

By: NELS 015 2018-11-28 14:44:29
Most people really enjoyed this book, and liked the humour and the sheer tenacity and inventiveness of the lead character. A couple of the group found it too "nerdy" for their taste.

By: FOXT 002 2018-11-28 14:42:43
We all really enjoyed this book. Actually the best we have read so far, so interesting as well as believable - made for great team discussion on how we would have coped facing a similar situation.

By: WELL 001 2018-11-28 14:40:41
The book was not a good fit for our group. Too many technical details, and some members would like to know how valid the science is. Members felt that the characterisation of the protagonist was lacking - what was his story before the expedition? We would not recommend it to other groups.

By: NELS 065 2018-11-28 14:38:28
We were all surprised about how much we enjoyed it! It is not the usual genre that we read. We were fascinated by the science and the tenacity to live.

By: HAST 014 2018-11-28 14:35:53
Cool story - very technical at times with facts and figures, but the underlying story was interesting and gripping.

By: HAMIL 036 2018-11-09 14:04:06
An awesome science book that is pure fiction but has a variety of scenarios of what could happen and what you could do with a potato. One of our higher ratings.

By: WHANG 023 2018-03-28 12:48:55
Yes, 5 stars! Given the diverse range of preferred books in our group it was a real surprise to find that everyone really enjoyed this book . Even more surprising is that it is science fiction. I think for some of our members it was a revelation that sci-fi could be this good, I think in a lot of peoples' minds sci-si is seen as rubbish. Incredibly well written, totally engaging and not to be missed, add this to your list now!

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