Title: Sixteen Trees of the Somme, The
Authors: Mytting, Lars
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 403
Year: 2017
Language: English
Description: When Edvard Hirifjell is orphaned as a young boy in 1971, his grandfather steps into the breach and raises Edvard. Now, two decades later with Sverre's death, Edvard is primed and ready to embrace the mystery of his family history, particularly the circumstances of his parents' deaths. His quest, complete with puzzles and clues, will take him from his home in Norway to the Shetlands and the battlefields of WW1, ultimately delivering an unusual inheritance.

Spanning a century and intricately woven through with a love of wood, this is a complex story of family, divided loyalties, and a search for truth.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"It''s simply the best book I've read all year."

"A well-paced story with lots of plot developments. The references to the battle of the Somme are thought-provoking."

"Beaut book. Very well written and contains lots of history about the Somme as well as life in Norway and the Shetlands."

"Beautiful, thoughtful and not overly verbose language means the reader can easily imagine the interesting landscapes the book is set in."

"I found the historical aspects of the novel very interesting, eg recollecting the second world war's impact on the Somme and those who lived it."

"The focus was more on the storyline and the landscape rather than the development of the characters - they could have been stronger."

Categories: Fiction, Family Saga, Historical, Mystery, Relationships, Tragedy/disaster, Scotland, France, 2019 Titles, Norway


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