Title: Factfulness
Authors: Rosling, Hans
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 341
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: Concerned about the state of the world? Despairing about how little progress has been made? Despondent when you consider what needs to be done? The antidote to all this gloom and doom is within your grasp ... subtitled 'ten reasons we're wrong about the world - and why things are better than you think'. Factfulness offers a fascinating analysis of world statistical information, and provides a new framework for understanding it.

Tempering facts and figures with humour and anecdotes, it will add a pep to your step while challenging your preconceptions.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I felt much more optimistic after reading this book. It's a book everyone should read."

"Easy to understand with lots of examples and diagrams."

"A fascinating analysis of world statistics which challenges the reader's prejudices."

"Very topical and up-to-date with rigorously well-checked facts."

"This book states with great clarity why things are better than we have allowed ourselves to believe."

"Holding the concept of 'bad, but better', the writer describes how our ignorance of the world outside our own community hampers world-wide progress."
Categories: Non fiction, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Environmental, Human Rights, Journalistic reporting/media, Medical/Health, Morals/Ethics, Political, Social commentary/perspectives, 2020 Titles


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