Title: Language of Kindness, The
Authors: Watson, Christie
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 322
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: Although she would be horrified by the unresolved funding challenges of the profession she launched, Florence Nightingale would be delighted to endorse this tender and candid story of modern nursing. Following the author's 20 years of nursing practice in NHS hospitals, this is a factual and compelling exposure of what it means to be a nurse: the patients, the love, care and compassion and the toll it takes.

Presenting the individual stories of patients as well as the history and principles of nursing, this is a remarkable story of the nursing profession in action, revealed through the experiences of a warm and empathetic practitioner.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"A riveting read, full of compassion and common sense."

"It gives a truthful account of the cost of caring and the issues currently facing British society."

"The way it's written, it gives the atmosphere of hospitals. The author arouses the reader's feelings and some scenes are quite shocking."

"I found this book fascinating. I think discussion would be best in groups that have health professionals."

"The book gives a great overview of the different aspects of nursing."

"A wonderful read - some might need a box of tissues handy when reading it."
Categories: Non fiction, Biography, 2020 Titles


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