Title: Meet Me at the Museum
Authors: Youngson, Anne
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 224
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: On the face of it, a farmer's wife from Bury St. Edmunds in England and the curator of a museum in Denmark would not seem to have a lot in common. However, when Tina Hapgood writes a letter of enquiry, the letter is fielded by Professor Anders Larsen and lo and behold, their life-changing correspondence begins.

Initially the 2000-year-old Tollund Man is the subject of their exchanges, but over time their lives and concerns begin to dominate. From their respective marriages and families, to their views on history and archaeology, music and poetry, it all finds its way into their letters.

Well-crafted and thoughtful, this book is a moving reflection on lives well-lived and the joy of unexpected friendship.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"The book shows that letters, a rare form of communication these days, are a wonderful way for people to express their feelings."

"It's an unusual book. We learn the thoughts and feelings of two people leading completely different lives and we watch them drawing closer together. I enjoyed it."

"I so enjoyed this book and am still thinking about it days later."

"The writing in this book is quite beautiful in expression."

"This book will not appeal to all as it's slow to unfold its themes, but I found it delightful."

"Some of the things that these two people write to each other is both profound and deeply moving."
Categories: Fiction, 2020 Titles


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