Title: Bridge of Clay
Authors: Zusak, Markus
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 579
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking the five Dunbar brothers of Archer Street Sydney were merely larrikins. Abandoned by their father Michael after the death of their mother Penny, they are surviving in feral but loving chaos. But when their father reappears, wanting their help to build a bridge, it is Clay, brother number four, who rises to the challenge of reconnecting the struggling family.

Rich with its allusions to Homer's epics, and strengthened by Michael and Penny's backstories, this is an absorbing and complex family saga layered with love, loss and atonement. And, as with the construction of any successful bridge, persistence is rewarded while the foundations of the story are laid.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"What an amazing author - the imagery is astonishing."

"I loved this book from go to whoa, I savoured every line and wished it did not have to end."

"The story is compelling and the method of narration is absorbing and compelling."

"I liked the way we heard about the Dunbar boys' parents' lives and how everything is entwined together. The ending was satisfying."

"I found the book hard to get into, but I became completely caught up in it and loved the story."

"Just as well it's a compelling book as the version I read has 579 pages."

"The language is beautiful and the style makes the characters real and human and interesting."
Categories: Fiction, 2020 Titles


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