Title: Shepherd's Hut, The
Authors: Winton, Tim
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 267
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: Jaxie Clackton is on the move from his West Australian outback town. Time is up for him in Monkton and even though he is only fifteen, hanging around is sure to get him blamed for his father's accidental death. The only place he wants to be now, is with his cousin Lee, but to reach her he will have to cross the saltlands. It is here in the desert that Jaxie meets disgraced priest Fintan MacGillis offering the hand of friendship, along with some other less favourably disposed characters protecting their patch.

Gritty and powerful, this fast-paced story has a lot going on - not just Jaxie's brutal journey of self-discovery, nor survival in an unforgiving landscape, but a masterful examination of masculinity and its place in the world.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Raw, moving and powerful."

"Winton's books are always entertaining, but they have depth as well."

"The book is entertaining, fast-paced, vivid, out-back and very Australian."

"The book is liberally splattered with colourful language - at times uncouth and at times very funny."

"This book would have wide appeal with Winton's fans, and with many men and women and young people as well."

"A tough tale, but the friendship between Jaxie and Fintan is beautiful."

"It becomes compulsively readable."

"Shocking language but you become immume in a funny way."
Categories: Fiction, 2020 Titles


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