Title: Unsheltered
Authors: Kingsolver, Barbara
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 461
Year: 2018
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language: English
Description: Willa Knox's family is in crisis: she has lost her job, her father-in-law who lives with them is dying, her son Zeke is suddenly thrust into the role of a single parent and their home is falling down around them. Clutching for straws, Willa investigates the history of their home, hoping that the local historical preservation society will come to their aid. Her research reveals a town from more than a century earlier, populated with kindred spirits, especially botanist Mary Treat and Thatcher Greenwood, a school teacher who controversially embraced Charles Darwin's theories.

Moving between the Vineland, New Jersey of 1871 and 2016, this is a thought-provoking and expertly observed story of two families weathering the storms of social upheaval in a world where all the rules have changed.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"This book totally resonated with me."

"The book has two beautifully interwoven stories and characters I could relate to."

"It does have a strong political message and is a big read. Easier if the reader has the same political views, otherwise it could seem a little like a long essay!"

"I loved this book so much - best I've read in quite a while."

"While I found Kingsolver's political message a bit too strong, I nevertheless enjoyed the characters."

"Totally brilliant stories of what every generation does to cope with the changing world."

"If the reader isn't interested in Darwin and botany, then the book is not for them."

"A big read that could have been shorter had there not been so much detail."
Categories: Fiction, 2020 Titles


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