Title: Warlight
Authors: Ondaatje, Michael
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 290
Year: 2018
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Language: English
Description: Warlight, the obscured light of wartime blackouts, is the perfect description for the murky post-war world that siblings Nathaniel and Rachel find themselves in. Left in London in 1945 by their parents, the pair are in the care of a mysterious man they call 'The Moth' and his support crew of shadowy characters. It is not until years later that Nathaniel is able to sift through the puzzling experiences of their adolescence and contemplate the covert nature of the activities they were part of.

Intriguingly, nothing is as it seems in this multi-layered, beautifully crafted story.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I think this book is exceptional, it has many layers."

"Superbly written. Any book by Ondaatje is worth reading solely for the pleasure of reading his prose."

"I loved this book. It is fabulously written. The characters are completely 'real' despite their unusual characteristics and absence of any back-story."

"I think the discussion around the book will be more related to Ondaatje and this fabulous tory rather than debate about any historical, philosophical or moral type themes."

"Lots to ponder on, not only what we know and do not know about our parents, but what we tell and do not tell our children."

"The author reflects on life in general and there are many gems to ponder (eg, one was about the place of the accidental in one's life)."

"A puzzling book that 'flitted around' so much. Although there was rich detail and description, particularly characters and places, so much of it was shadowy and unexplained."

"I found the narration often followed pointless avenues and wandered about seemingly randomly. I didn't enjoy this style of writing."
Categories: Fiction, War theme, Adventure/Exploration, Historical, Mystery, Relationships, England, 2021 Titles


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By: TAUP 004 2020-10-20 11:47:10
The story was really engaging - loved the way it revealed itself. Within spare writing, he uses great imagery. Very clever writing - a mix of fast and slow pace.

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