Title: Poison Bed, The
Authors: Fremantle, E.C.
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 403
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: Who is telling the truth? Frances or her husband Robert? Confined to their separate accommodations in the Tower of London, they both certainly have time enough to contemplate their supposed involvement in the murder of courtier Sir Thomas Overbury. A power couple of the court of King James I, the Carrs are up to their privileged necks in the political shenanigans of the day.

Ambition, corruption, intrigue; it's all here in the many twists and turns of this vividly imagined story of the real events of 1615.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Well written. It's full of twists and turns with some basis of fact behind it."

"Fascinating glimpse of medieval politics and customs. Great ending."

"Well written, it kept me gripped. There are twists throughout the story."

"Lovers of historical fiction will really enjoy this book. It well-paced with twists and turns."

"For lovers of historical fiction, this is an interesting peek at a time not as well covered as the more glamorous times of Elizabeth I."

"Very exciting. The truth is gradually revealed."

"Enjoyable historical crime fiction in the vein of Philippa Gregory's books on the Plantagenets and Tudors."

"I found the time sequences to be confusing with the present and past being interchanged. I didn't enjoy it."
Categories: Fiction, Historical, Love story, Medical/Health, Mystery, Political, Relationships, True Crime, England, 2021 Titles


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