Title: Husna's Story
Authors: Ahmed, Farid
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 316
Year: 2020
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Language: English
Description: Husna Ahmed was a victim of the Christchurch mosque terrorist attack on 15 March 2019. She was shot while looking for her husband, who was in a wheelchair.

The couple had been praying when a gunman burst into the mosque. He shot and killed 51 people that day and injured many others. In this book Husna's husband, Farid Ahmed, tells Husna's story, including the day of the attack.

Farid describes the selflessness and bravery with which Husna lived her life. As well as looking after her daughter and paraplegic husband, Husna was an important member of the community, helping women and running classes for children.

Her last selfless act was going back into the mosque to look for her husband on that fateful day, after she had already led other women and children to safety.

Husna's husband, quite remarkably, forgives the alleged killer. Farid's philosophy of forgiveness, peace and love is an example of how faith and humanity can be tools for navigating even the most horrific of tragedies. [Taken from book blurb, Allen & Unwin Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Well-written, easy to read, and a humble account of their lives."

"Fantastic insight into perhaps the best side of Islam."

"While the massacre occurred in Christchurch, I think the author's story will appeal to all New Zealanders."

"A lovely, but sad story of what forgiveness is all about."

"Perhaps an over-glowing story of Husna, who appears to walk on water. But that's understandable."
Categories: Non Fiction - New Zealand, Biography, Contemporary, Grief/loss, Morals/Ethics, Religion, Social commentary/perspectives, Tragedy/disaster, 2021 Titles


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