Title: Secrets of Strangers, The
Authors: Norman, Charity
Genre: Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 337
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: If they'd known what was in store for them, they would have been happy to forgo their daily fix and avoid the Tuckbox Cafe in Balham, London, at all cost. But in the randomness of everyday life, five strangers do not have this foresight, and it is their bad luck to be taken hostage by a seemingly crazed gunman who has just shot the cafe owner.

In the tense hours that follow as the hostages and the police negotiators attempt to make sense of the situation and prevent it from escalating, their lives are slowly laid bare.

Compassionate and compelling, this is a hostage drama with heart that will have you the reader also experiencing Stockholm Syndrome.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Another good Charity Norman book. I enjoyed it very much."

"Good writing and the story is well put together. A good read and a good book to discuss."

"I don't usually enjoy thrillers, but I enjoyed this well-paced story."

"The hostages are very believable as characters and you become drawn into their respective stories and secrets."

"The fantastic tension keeps the reader captivated – lots of twists and turns."

"Well-written. The story allowed the reader to develop empathy for the main characters."

'The ending is unexpected and poignant."

Categories: Fiction - New Zealand, Community, Grief/loss, Relationships, Suspense/Thriller, England, 2022 Titles, Larger font


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By: DUNED 061 2021-03-26 13:06:11
Unusually we ALL enjoyed this book immensely. We warmed to the characters and loved her writing.

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