Title: Paris Library, The
Authors: Charles, Janet Skeslien
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 412
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: When Odile Souchet is appointed as a librarian at the American Library in Paris, it is a dream come true. Opening its doors during WWI to serve US soldiers in France, the library has a renewed purpose as WWII descends and Odile and her colleagues must fight to fulfil the library's original motto, 'after the darkness of war, the light of books'. Decades later, Odile, now a widowed war bride living in rural Montana, sees in her teenage neighbour Lily, something of herself at the same age. Through the dual narratives of 1940s Paris and 1980s Montana, readers are immersed in Odile's life, and the hard wrought lessons of living under occupation.

Incorporating historical figures from the American Library, and celebrating the power of books and libraries, this is an irresistible and thought-provoking story, and a particular delight for bibliophiles.

Categories: Fiction, War theme, Faction, Literature oriented, Morals/Ethics, Relationships, France, America, 2022 Titles


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By: DUNBA 001 2022-05-11 14:49:51
Enjoyed by most. Interesting that it was based on a real library and real people.

By: CHCH 282 2022-04-22 15:17:11
Most of us really enjoyed this light, easy read. It was well-written with well drawn characters. But the second story was not used as well as we'd hoped - too sketchy, too American(!), too modern. We all liked the Parisian background and the books and the library - like 3 more characters! But it was frustrating and disappointing despite the beautiful writing!

By: CHCH 240 2022-01-28 16:06:42
Our group loved this book and thoroughly recommend it. Based on 'real-life' characters and well presented the concern at the time of the approach of war.

By: NELS 062 2021-12-17 12:17:45
Group enjoyed the subject of the Paris American Library and the importance of books and libraries. However, felt the book was 'lightweight', and characters could have been developed further with more drama.

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