Title: Bell in the Lake, The
Authors: Mytting, Lars
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 400
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: Norway, 1880. Winter is hard in Butangen. The lake has frozen, and the ground is too hard to bury the dead. Astrid Hekne dreams of a life beyond marriage and children, and working the land to the end of her days. Then Pastor Kai Schweigaard takes over the small parish, with its 700-year-old stave church. The two bells in the tower are said to hold supernatural powers.

The villagers are wary of the pastor and his resolve to do away with their centuries-old traditions, though Astrid finds herself drawn to him. And then a stranger arrives from Dresden, with grand plans for the church itself. Architecture student Gerhard Schonauer is an improbable figure in this rugged community; he seems so different, so sensitive. Astrid finds that she must make a choice: for her homeland and the pastor, or for an uncertain future in Fermany. Then the ells being to ring ..." [Taken from book cover, Maclehose Press]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"This novel is beautifully written and feels like a fable."

"The language is lyrical and the story is a delightful blend of folklore, the mores of the time and it's a cracking good story to boot."

"A clever and sensitive combination of fable, love story and unvarnished account of life in an unsophisticated rural community in mid-20th Century."

"Astrid is an appealing character - a woman ahead of her time."

"Another very good read by the author of "The Sixteen Trees of the Somme."

Categories: Fiction, Norway, 2022 Titles


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