Title: Gospel of the Eels, The
Authors: Svensson, Patrik
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 235
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: The European eel, Anguilla anguilla, is one of the strangest creatures nature ever created. Remarkably little is known about the eel, even today. What we do know is that it's born as a tiny willow-leaf shaped larva in the Sargasso Sea, travels on the ocean currents toward the coasts of Europe - a journey of about four thousand miles that takes at least two years. Upon arrival, it transforms itself into a glass eel and then into a yellow eel before it wanders up into fresh water.

It lives a solitary life, hiding from light and science both, for ten, twenty, fifty years, before migrating back to the sea in the autumn, morphing into a silver eel and swimming all the way back to the Sargasso Sea, where it breeds and dies.

And yet ... There is still so much we don't know about eels. No human has ever seen eels reproduce; no one can give a complete account of the eel's metamorphoses or say why they are born and die in the Sargasso Sea; no human has even seen a mature eel in the Sargasso Sea. Ever. And now the eel is disappearing, and we don't know exactly why.

What we do know is that eels and their mysterious lives captivate us. This is the basis for Patrik Svensson's quite unique natural science memoir; his ongoing fascination with this secretive fish, but also the equally perplexing and often murky relationship he shared with his father, whose only passion in life was fishing for this obscure creature. [Taken from book blurb, Picador Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"The book is beautifully written and easy to read." "It's a lovely story of eels, as well as a father and son story - and a happy father and son story, not an exposure."

"Anyone with a love of, or an awareness of natural history would be moved by this book."

"Intriguing story. I was interested to hear about these mysterious creatures."

"The title, linking eels to the Christian Gospels by way of miracles of death and resurrection, is more apt than at first appears."

"I think this book works, with the blend of science, writing and a family memoir."

Categories: Non fiction, Biography, Contemporary, Environmental, Personal Interests, Relationships, 2023 Titles - Coming Soon


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