Title: Migrations
Authors: McConaghy, Charlotte
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 276
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: Franny Stone has always been the kind of woman who is able to love but unable to stay. Leaving behind everything but her research gear, she arrives in Greenland with a singular purpose: to follow the last Arctic terns in the world on what might be their final migration to Antarctica. Franny talks her way onto a fishing boat, and she and the crew set sail, traveling ever further from shore and safety.

But as Franny's history begins to unspool - a passionate love affair, an absent family, a devastating crime - it becomes clear that she is chasing more than just the birds. When Franny's dark secrets catch up with her, how much is she willing to risk for one more chance at redemption? [Taken from the book blurb, First Flat Iron books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"A gripping read!"

"A riveting read, the hints of a dark event keep us reading."

"The well-crafted prose creates atmosphere and place very well."

"The small array of characters are vividly described."

"The scenario of wildlife loss, while futuristic, is not too fantastic."

"The locations and time periods were cleverly weaved into the story. We get the full story without being confused."

"An intense love-story with a young man she marries is a thread throughout the book, as is her courage - and wanderlust."

"While Franny is unlike anyone I know, she is three dimensional and convincing."

"The novel is a warning about global warming without preaching."

Categories: Fiction, Dystopia/Futuristic, Environmental, Grief/loss, Mystery, Relationships, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, 2023 Titles - Coming Soon


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