Title: From the Centre
Authors: Grace, Patricia
Genre: Non Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 298
Year: 2021
Language: English
Description: 'We live by the sea, which hems and stitches the scalloped edges of the land.'

Renowned writer Patricia Grace begins her remarkable memoirs beside her beloved Hongoeka Bay. It is the place she has returned to throughout her life, and fought for, one of many battles she has faced: 'It was when I first went to school that I found out that I was a Maori girl ... I found that being different meant that I could be blamed ...'

As she shows, her experiences - good and bad, joyous and insightful - have fuelled what became a focus of her life: 'I had made up my mind that writing was something I would always do.' [Taken from the book blurb, Penguin Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I enjoyed this book. Her growing awareness of her bi-cultural family is described with such skill."

"We can visualise the little girl, the struggling adolescent and the matriarchal activism that has, to date, characterised her life."

"This book is well, if humbly written."

"This book is also the story of New Zealand during the Maori renaissance by someone who lived it, not necessarily by choice but because of whakapapa."

"Grace is honest in her reactions to the daily challenges of defending her culture and ancestral lands."

"It is difficult for an autobiography to be seen as complete while the subject is still alive, but this book does fulfil that aim. Hopefully there will be more to be said about this remarkable lady."

"Her writing is plain, unadorned, seemingly honest and open about her life. There are lyrical passages where she describes some events."

Categories: Non Fiction - New Zealand, Biography, Maori, Relationships, 2023 Titles - Coming Soon


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