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Staff and volunteers share some of their favourite reads from the scheme.

Article Image Ginny - historical fiction

Ginny is a volunteer who helps cover new books and is part of the Review Network. She is a voracious reader and so finds it difficult to recall titles of books she read a while ago. She likes fiction and non-fiction, and finds historical novels to be an enjoyable and "painless" way to learn history.

Her absolute favourite books are Jewels and Colour, by Victoria Finlay. Historical and other novels she has recently enjoyed are:

1. LaRose

"[The title is] the unlikely name for a young native American Indian"

2. Room

3. Raised from the Ground

"It's set in Portugal. The review copy had the best first line I've ever read, but the translator modified it in the next edition".

4. The Inconvenient Indian

5. Cold Mountain / Thirteen Moons (by the same author)

Article Image Lesley - journeying to different places

Lesley is one of our distribution staff and has been with BDS for 5 years. She reads a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction but particularly enjoys books with interesting people or characters.

"I do like journeying, as an armchair traveller, to different places and learning about them. My favourite books are set in different countries: from Iceland to Hawaii to Rwanda. I enjoy the different settings," she says.

Lesley's top reads are:

1. Requiem

2. Three Souls 

3. Life in a Jar

Article Image Barbara - likes to learn

Barbara, our manager, enjoys character-driven books and the opportunity to learn something - about cultures, countries or history. Here is her current list of favourites from the scheme:

1. News of the World

    "Loved it" .

2.  Gentleman in Moscow

     "And it's going to be a TV series!"

3. The Radium Girls

     "Tissues are required but it was a real eye-opener"

4. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 

Article Image Trisha - non-fiction

Trisha, an ex-staff member of BDS, comes in once a week to cover books as a volunteer. She prefers non-fiction but also enjoys thought-provoking 'easy to read' fiction.

"I like to think about different things," she says. Trisha's top reads include:

1. An Ordinary Man: The True Story Behind Hotel Rwanda

2. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window 

3. Thousand Hills to Heaven

4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

5. The Worst Hard Time

6. A Long Way Home [film version is 'The Lion']

"I also watched the '60 Minutes' story about this Indian boy whose mother never moved in case he came back."

Article Image Robyn - absorbing

Robyn volunteers a day a week and comes in to help cover new books. She enjoys reading "anything you can get absorbed in and forget everything else". Her top picks are:

1. Just Mercy

"Sad and inspiring"

2. Our Souls At Night

3. The Industry of Souls

She's also enjoyed:

4. The Birth House

5. St Agnes' Stand

6. Gweilo

7. Every Last One 

Article Image Pat - worthwhile fiction

Pat is a volunteer who regularly comes into the BDS office to help cover new books. She's an ex-librarian and admits to reading lots of autobiographies and non-fiction during her working life.

"I'm going through an African phase at the moment," she says. 

Pat has recently enjoyed:

1. The Last Rhinos

2. A Thousand Hills to Heaven

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