I Heard the Owl call My Name

Craven, Margaret

  2 Reviews

A young priest who has not long to live, is sent to a village in the wilds of British Colombia. Canadian fiction.

Comments from Groups

A lyrical tale with believable characters convincingly written. The main character is perhaps a little too good to be true, but the book is an insightful account of indigenous people, and the threat to their way of life. Christchurch 064

Everyone enjoyed this 'gem' of a book - even to the extent of reading it twice. The style and content were just perfect. Nelson 019

Our group thought this a wonderful and moving book; it is one of our favourites alongside 'Potiki'. Simply written, but we could all picture it perfectly and found it touching. It has not dated with the passage of time. Wellington 045

Universally loved! Compassion and understanding shown by, and to, many of the characters. Wonderful descriptive passages, simply stated. Many issues were raised but were left to the reader to form an opinion. Already read twice by some members. Mangaweka 001

This book provoked much deep discussion on the subject of death and attitudes to death. We received some especially interesting insights from our Maori member, concerning her mother's death and the rituals attached to it. We get to know a bit more about one another with every new book! Auckland 122

The simplicity and sincerity of this story impressed us all. There were many points for discussion - the impact of Christianity on native cultures, and the struggle for those cultures to survive at all in a changing world. We were all sorry the book was not longer, it was such good reading. Akaroa 001



WELL 094
Liked by all of our group, although all agreed it was a light read. One of our group said there is a Hollywood style movie of the book, which didn't do it justice but it was good to show the location. The themes in this book prompted a lot of discussion.
An interesting and strange little book that is a very good read. Dated but still relevant. Engaging and enjoyable. Don't hesitate!