Last Chance Library, The

Sampson, Freya

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When austerity rears its ugly head and Chalcot Library is for the chop, it is a wake-up call for twenty-eight-year-old library assistant June Jones. Chalcot Library has always been at the centre of her life and its threatened closure forces her out of her sheltered existence and into joining her library patrons in their campaign of resistance.

Quirky characters, an English village, and a library under threat guarantee a heart-warming, light read, and a thought-provoking reminder of the value of libraries and the importance of community.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A delightful 'Eleanor Oliphant' kind of tale. I enjoyed the heart-warming moments."

"A light, very pleasant read. Easy to overlook some of the more unlikely events. Definitely not for literary groups."

"While it's a lighter-style book, it is both funny and sad and memorable."

"Although it's a very light rom-com, it does cover some important themes and it really paints a great picture of the value of a library in the community."

"While this book isn't Booker material, it's an enjoyable, easy read for those groups desperate for the occasional light read."

"The characters may seem rather stereotyped, but they do represent real-life situations."

"An easy, feel-good plot which clearly outlines how libraries are more than just books."



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