Little Friend, The

Tartt, Donna

  11 Reviews

In a small Mississippi town, twelve-year-old Harriet Cleve Dufresnes has grown up in the shadow of her brother Robin's murder. Robin's killer has never been identified and ten years later, his family are still devastated by the tragedy. One summer, in an attempt to resurrect the happy family she knows only from photographs, Harriet resolves to get revenge on the man she believes, murdered her brother. [Small font, big read]

Comments from Groups

There was a variety of opinion on the book. Some loved it, some disliked it. We all thought the description was very vivid. Most agreed it was far too long. The characters were well drawn, and although many were very unpleasant they were nevertheless believable... We had an excellent discussion which invoked memories of our own childhoods, but none of us had ever tried to kill someone! Christchurch 001

The discussion in our group was animated and enthusiastic. Everyone who had read the book wanted to join in the discussion. All were glad they'd read the book though physically it had provided a challenge as there were 550 pages in very small print... The descriptions and language were powerful, and gripped us all to the end. Marton 001

We had a spirited discussion on the merits of this book. A small number felt it was great example of a complex set of characters within a community setting of the 1970s. The rest felt it was far too wordy with much unnecessary detail, and the plot in latter stages far-fetched with no resolution of "who done it'!!....Whakatane 009

Most did not like the book and half didn't finish it. The writing at times was very good, but the book was far too long and had a most unattractive cover. Wellington 041

Most enjoyed the book, but found it a little frustrating that it ended so abruptly. The characters were very well developed - as if from real-life. Not a light book - quite a 'dark' story. Christchurch 088



AUCK 166
Very small font - many didn't finish it but enjoyed what they'd read. Evocative writing style and well developed characters. A little frustration with the lack of total resolution at the end.
NELS 022
Great discussion - so many opposite views and opinions of characters!!
AUCK 211
Unfortunately only three of us read the entire book! A shame because it was a terrific story. Some put off by the cover and the tiny type font, and the lukewarm review by one of our members who had read it already. I enjoyed the plot and the characterisation of Harriet, and vividly realistic portrayal of criminals manufacturing 'P' - in fact the story took a more sinister turn when we were introduced to Danny and his family.
AUCK 172
What a great read! Very visually descriptive. Good to read the book notes first.
Most members found the book moved too slowly. The characterisations were good but too descriptive, often going off on a tangent.
Two members thought it was the best book they'd ever read. All appreciated Donna Tartt's writing style, and found it an engrossing read. We did wonder whether, at 555 pages of small print, it should be a 2 month book.
CHCH 392
This book was very much enjoyed by our group.
CHCH 396
Unfortunately the small print was a stopper for several of our group. The ending was slightly annoying but some of us loved it. Some couldn't get into the book at all.
Beautifully written but a rather dark tale. All unhappy with the unresolved and abrupt ending!
Most of us struggled with this book, only four finished it and just two enjoyed reading it. We felt that although the writing was excellent and the descriptions evocative, the story took too long to be told and lacked resolution.
CHCH 378
Great story which was well written although maybe a bit too descriptive, but most felt it didn't flow and the small print didn't help.