Mother's Boy

Gale, Patrick

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With the early death of his father, it is no surprise that Charles should share a deep bond with his mother. From his childhood in a small parochial town, to his stint in the Royal Navy in WWII as a coder, Laura is there in the background, devoted and supportive. She is well aware of the delicate path Charles must tread with his poetic leanings and clandestine relationships.

Spanning both the first and second world wars and loosely based on the life of Cornish poet, Charles Causley, this is a captivating story sensitively and beautifully told.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This book is beautifully written and the story addictive and interesting."

"I think this book will be widely enjoyed. It's easy reading though quite a long book."

"Everything about this beautiful book is positive. I did not want it to end."

"Gale writes characters gently and softly and suddenly you feel as if you know them all intimately."

"The author has been very careful in his research and has created a pretty convincing background to Causley's life."

"The author is genius. His writing is deceptively simple but full of knowledge and complexity."

"The book covers an important era and it respects details where accuracy to the reality of Charles Causley's life is important."

"There is humour, joy, sadness, grief, love - everything that makes us human and life wonderful."



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