Reckless Oath We Made, The

Greenwood, Bryn

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Zee Trego could sure do with a knight in shining armour - there are debts to pay, family members in need, and the last straw, her sister has been abducted.

When Gentry Frank, a young autistic man declares himself to be her champion (he is a member of a medieval society and speaks in Middle English), they embark on a quest to rescue LaReign.

A brave and determined heroine, a chivalrous knight ... this is a page-turning unconventional love story set in Kansas, bristling with scoundrels, loyalty and compassion while cleverly illuminating the challenges of contemporary life in heartland USA.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This book is very entertaining and certainly a page turner."

"Both my husband and I read this book, and we both enjoyed it."

"What's not to like - a flawed, but brave and determined heroine and an unusual but charming knight who will do anything for her."

"It took me a while to warm to the characters, but once I did warm to them, I was completely committed to them and had to keep reading until I was finished."

"I admit to enjoying the wild ride, but there's bad language and drugs - and it was a bit raunchy at times."

"It was an interesting plot which leaves you thinking about how life treats some people."

"The book makes you very aware of how different we all are. Here we have two apparently mismatched misfits who are able to accept and love each other as they are."



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