Slaughterhouse 5

Vonnegut, Kurt Jnr

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A book based on Vonnegut's wartime experiences. This is science fiction with a message and humour. US.

Comments from Groups

The majority thoroughly enjoyed this book. Loved the humour! Hamilton 022

We had a really stimulating discussion evening....everyone talking at once and having plenty to say! We all agreed the book was "brilliant", and would love to talk to the author about it. He must be an intriguing and fascinating man. Very cleverly thought out... New Plymouth 002

There was a great diversity of opinion over "Slaughterhouse Five", ranging from total absorption through to dislike. Interesting reactions to an unusual book. Always plenty of discussion and dissension, which is what it is all about after all. Waitomo 002

Opinions varied from weird; interesting; brilliant; as relevant now as in the 60s, to couldn't read it at all! So it goes! Hikurangi 001

Most enjoyed this book, and it lead to a rather intense discussion of nucleur war. Hamilton 002

A very interesting book - would probably never read it again, but it generated lots of discussion! Waitati 003



All bar one of our group found this book very good, with a four out of five rating. Comments that the book was very cleverly written with lots of humour, though the end gave a feeling of sadness. Some mentioned that there were parallels with 'Catcher in the Rye' and Monty Python. It was an easy read we all agreed, and most enjoyed that it was "all over the place". Quite a few are keen to read more by the same author.