Vernon God Little

Pierre D.B.C

  17 Reviews

Teenager Vernon Gregory Little narrates the story of his life after the Columbine-style slaughter of a group of students at his high school. When Vernon finds himself blamed for the killings, his small Texas town is blanketed under a media siege. Contains an absurd mix of all that's wrong in American (Western) society. Man Booker Prize Winner, and Whitbread Best First Novel Award.

Comments from Groups

Mixed response. Most didn't find it humorous... Discussion was good. Motueka 004

Most of us middle-class, middle-aged women struggled with the language - off-putting...However most persevered and felt compelled to keep reading. Would make a good movie though! Nelson 020

[Those] who enjoyed the book thought the writer an intelligent man, book written somewhat 'tongue in cheek'. They thought Vernon made the best of his lot in life, without anyone's help. Auckland 071

Excellent discussion on this book and those who didn't complete it commented that they wished they had. Very good for its themes of the modern American way of life which has implications for us all. Richmond 008

A few members couldn't get past the 'bad' language at the start but those of us who read it enjoyed it and found it a very different read coming from the angle of a dysfunctional teenager. Some of the characters were really fun and we enjoyed them all. Auckland 157

Lively discussion as group was clearly divided by those who loved it and those who wondered how it could have received such a prestigious prize. Masterton 003



Only two of us were able to finish this book. The rest of us struggled with it, the language and style just made it a hard slog. All in all, it's not a book we'd recommend.
Not the greatest discussion as some of us could not get past the 'f' word. Loved the notes!
WELL 123
Most of us found the first 200 pages rather hard going in terms of style, language and a sense of plot! However the last part of the book certainly redeemed itself and for that to make sense, the first part was necessary background. Pierre has some amazing "one-liners" and plays on words. Some of his descriptions are also very creative. Overall we decided it was a good book.
The group found this book hard to get into, but the one member who did read it, said it got better and she ended up enjoying it. So the moral is "Perseverance"!!
NELS 027
Not everyone finished this book and nobody enjoyed it! How did it win the Man Booker Prize!
A few people didn't read it, but those of us who did thought it was great. Would definitely recommend it.
TAUR 012
A number of the group were put off by the style of writing, however those that finished it found it a great read and well worth reading.
AUCK 020
We all loved 'Vernon God Little'! The secrets were released so gradually throughout the book, that we all agreed it is worth a second read, knowing what we know now.
AUCK 248
Really struggled with this book. Only two people managed to finish and both said they were pleased that they had persevered because the ending made the book better.
CHCH 088
Only two of those at the meeting had read the book. Most had started but had given up, as it was "difficult to get into"; the way it was written, and the lack of definition. But we still had a vigorous discussion! We felt afterwards that maybe we should have persevered, but not convinced.
4 of our members persevered with the book, and about halfway through found it suddenly became very gripping, and really enjoyed reading it to the end. No-one felt though they could really recommend it to anyone else.
NEWP 014
The group found it a very difficult and disturbing read. Only 2 of us finished it - we both enjoyed the twist at the end.
Difficult book to read, but good discussion.
AUCK 379
Ridiculous and disturbing parody of American society.
MAST 004
Wide ranging discussion on this one. Complete divergence of views ranging from total dislike to something bordering adoration!
Polarised opinions. Many found it a funny and chilling insight into American media and TV shows. Others struggled to read it.
ASHB 001
Clever humour. Slow and chaotic start, but those who persevered said it was an interesting read although challenging subject matter.