Eddy, Eddy

De Goldi, Kate

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It's a coming of age story: Eddy, an orphan who lives with his librarian uncle, has been expelled from school and is grappling with identity, love, death, loss and religion. He's working as a dog walker and trying to keep his life together. It's a love story. Despite Eddy's troubles, his world is peopled with a quirky, comic and loving set of characters, both human and animal. It's an earthquake story, set in Christchurch not long after the earthquakes shattered people's homes, lives and minds, including Eddy's. And it's also a story of grief, the way its punch can leave you floundering and how others can help you find your way back. [Taken from book blurb, Allen & Unwin]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Well written and engaging."

"Kate de Goldi writes about young people with great empathy and warmth and outlines the hurdles of youth with obvious experience and with marvellous humour."

"Everything gets covered : sex, drugs, abortion, tattooing, music, religious beliefs, relations with adults, etc, all with a gentle touch."

"A clever book where the narrative emerges in a subtle way."

"I enjoyed this book but I prefer De Goldi's previous book, The 10pm Question."

"I gobbled the book up in the first reading, I so wanted to find out what happened, but the second time round I savoured every word."

"The broken city of Christchurch is a metaphor for Eddy's broken mind - very clever."

"I did not enjoy the book as much as I'd expected, but perhaps I'm not the target audience."

"I'm well-educated, but there were many words in the book that I'd never heard of before."



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