Code Name: Lise

Loftis, Larry

  16 Reviews

From housewife and mother to Britain's most highly decorated WWII operative, Odette Sansom is the stuff of legends. After 'spy school', her successful exploits in occupied France caught the attention of the Gestapo and eventually led to prison and then onto a concentration camp.

Adventure, romance and heroism in all its guises along with all the inescapable horrors of war, drive this fast-paced and riveting story of an extraordinary spy.



NELS 020
Inspirational story of outstanding bravery. Some of us found the writing style came across as wooden and unemotional.
CHCH 240
We enjoyed this book but for different reasons. A brave and courageous woman, but perhaps selfish too - how could she leave her children A different perspective on the horrors of the Nazi regime, softened by a love story.
CHCH 282
All of our group enjoyed this book and found it very interesting, fascinating, absorbing, insightful, and riveting. Lots of discussion about her grit, and how difficult it must have been to start living in an ordinary world...
RAUM 003
The book certainly created a lot of discussion - there were varied opinions on the author, Odette and her bravery. It left a few unanswered questions but on the whole it was well worth the read.
Our group enjoyed the book although many felt it wasn't a true novel and didn't like the writing style. Very informative and graphic and the questions generated very good discussion. An extraordinary story and barely believable at times.
CHCH 033
Well-written and made us feel so appreciative of our own circumstances. We admired their bravery and Lise's continual 'hope' and positive attitude in the face of adversity.
TAIH 004
A harrowing tale! You get to meet people that you probably would never meet in everyday life; people you wouldn't actually want to meet. An exposure of how humans behave in stressful circumstances, and how harrowing circumstances can bring out extraordinary traits - both positive and negative. I think Odette might have been a difficult and demanding person to live with - especially in "normal, everyday life".
CHCH 320
Aspects of this book generated conjecture, conflicting views, and perhaps generated some of the best discussion we have had. 'Code Name:Lise' is a sad story rather than an inspiring story. We felt it was light and glossed over her accomplishments in France, and the plot only "cranked up" once she was captured. It didn't engage one as much as the Peter Fitzsimons book 'Nancy Wake'. Praise was given to the depth of research expended by the author but... and it was a big BUT, some of our group disliked his use of novelistic embellishments and "overkill" of language...
For once we were all in agreement. Odette's bravery was of course unquestioned, but the writing was heavy and in fact boring. We decided we were probably influenced by our recent reading of Ben McIntyre's books which we all raved about. Similar themes - spies and their activities, but oh - the difference!
We all found this book fascinating. Amazing what ordinary people ended up doing during the war.
This was a rip roaring read! We all found the story gripping. Discussion was lively.
We were disappointed with this book. We struggled to engage with the storyline and with the characters involved. Perhaps our score is a sign of the recent unsettled times, as well as the fact that we have read a few other war books. The author had certainly researched his topic but the story seemed to leave us emotionally bereft and with many unanswered questions...
AUCK 234
Was an interesting and enthralling read given that it was a true story.
AUCK 280
Our group was evenly divided between liking the book and disliking it. She certainly portrayed great courage, but the writing left much to be desired. Didn't like the ploy of leaving each chapter on a question - then carrying on with a completely different aspect. Many questions left unanswered and not explained.
Most members agreed that this was a very gripping story of life during the turbulent times of the Second World War - only 80 or so years ago!! A few members found it a bit boring - too many dates and times - more of an historical document. However, overall it was good read.
NGON 001
One of our group really enjoyed this book but the others felt it was too clinical and rather colourless. No-one felt for any of the characters as the book came over as academic rather than a story. It was well researched and very accurate, and an excellent study for posterity. I think also we all knew her story, and perhaps are tiring of Gestapo atrocities.