Love With A Chance of Drowning

DeRoche, Torre

  18 Reviews

City girl Torre DeRoche isn't looking for love, but a chance encounter in a San Francisco bar sparks an instant connection with a soulful Argentinean man who unexpectedly sweeps her off her feet. The problem? He's just about to cast the dock lines and voyage around the world on his small sailboat, and Torre is terrified of deep water. However, lovesick Torre determines that to keep the man of her dreams, she must embark on the voyage of her nightmares, so she waves good-bye to dry land and braces for a life-changing journey that's as exhilarating as it is terrifying.

Somewhere mid-Pacific, she finds herself battling to keep the old boat, the new relationship, and her floundering sanity afloat. . . .

This sometimes hilarious, often harrowing, and always poignant memoir is set against a backdrop of the world's most beautiful and remote destinations. Equal parts love story and travel memoir, Love with a Chance of Drowning is witty, charming, and proof positive that there are some risks worth taking.

Published by Hyperion Books, Words taken from book cover.

Comments from Groups

An unpretentious down-to earth romance, written in everyday language from an everyday perspective. Highly enjoyed by all as an easy book to read. Humorous, hard to put down and adventurous. We learnt a bit about yachting. Highly recommended. Te Awa 003

Our members had mixed views on this book, 'frustrating', lightweight' and 'naive' were mentioned. But despite this, most of us felt it had something to offer, and at least it piqued an interest in visiting some of the places mentioned. Wanganui 008

Everyone enjoyed this book, and it gave a great insight into sailing and the realities of it. Not many of us decided we'd put put ourselves through that! We missed having photos in the book, but we looked at her blog instead. Palmerston North 006

Half of us thoroughly enjoyed the book - it was a very funny light read. The remaining members thought it a bit so-so. Matua 001

Well written. very descriptive. Happy, sad, poignant and brave. We all loved this book... Diamond Harbour 001



Our group was surprised to find we were unanimous in our enjoyment of this book. The first few pages described her life as a city girl, but as she fell in love, Torre deRoche adapted to her life as a sailor.
CHCH 247
A very enjoyable read and wonderful discussion.
AUCK 065
We all loved it and went searching her website for more information on her travels.
TAKA 003
Our group responses to this book ranged from "enjoyable" to "unsatisfying". As a light read most of us were happy to have read it, especially enjoying the imagery. We felt that Torre de Roche is skilled with her use of language. "An aeroplane book"!
AUCK 014
This book got the thumbs up from every book club member! Great fun, great story and well-written.
AUCK 332
Everyone in our group enjoyed this read. It had plenty of pace and read a bit like a novel. Witty, interesting and well-written.
Enjoyed by most. Engaging writing style that drew you into her sailing world and ever growing mastery of life saving boat skills.
CHCH 357
This book polarised the group, either loving it or hating it. It was an easy read but no big reveal.
WELL 168
None of us are sailors but we enjoyed this book, mainly the description of the life at sea. We felt it was well-written.
An intrepid young woman who was aware of the dangers and discomforts she would face, but was prepared to risk all for love. Some members didn't enjoy the style as much as the story - all agreed it was gripping.
CHCH 317
A very enjoyable story, well-written with good descriptions of the various hazards encountered with mechanical issues and sea sickness etc. It was an epic undertaking for the young couple.
Enjoyed by all.
ROTO 013
Easy to read, well-written.
KOHE 001
We all really enjoyed this book. Nice easy read with laughs and bravery.
AUCK 302
An entertaining, easy read.
Really loved it - very easy read. Described it as an airplane book!
Not great writing but an interesting light read. One comment was 'no need to do any real sailing now as I have done it vicariously and didn't enjoy it'. Many in the group have very limited experience in sailing and felt strongly that they were very naive for taking on such a large task due to their inexperience. If it hadn't been for DeRoche's pragmatism they may never have made it. We were not surprised that the relationship didn't last. Our discussion centred around 'is ignorance bliss' in these kinds of circumstances and how far would we put our lives at risk for 'love'.
Easy read, not a 'deep' book but good anyway. Chosen by a sailor in our group and gave us insight into the times she's had sailing around the Pacific Islands. We loved Torre's 'journey' from non-sailor to sailor, and we enjoyed the love-story too.