Time to Be in Earnest

James, P.D.

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Part diary, part memoir, PD James considers the twelve months of her life between her 77th and 78th birthdays, and recounts her long and remarkable career - from 1920s Cambridge schoolgirl to the "Governor"of the BBC, and her status as an acclaimed crime-suspense writer.

Comments from Groups

It was universally agreed that it was clever and pleasurable - 2 members are buying it for their shelves. One who is not a PD James genre fan, has been inspired to read her work, and has a better understanding of the make up and research involved in such a genre as hers. We can see why James and (Penelope) Lively were friends. Both are great examples of disciplined writing and living. Upper Hutt 001

Our discussion of this book occurred a few days after PD James died. There were so many themes to discuss, and a wide variety of opinions were aired. We all agreed that the book was enormously varied, and worthy of re-reading and considering more carefully. Small print made it difficult to read for some. Several group members mentioned that they were going to read (or re-read) James' books. Christchurch 095

An old favourite. We are full of admiration for this remarkable woman. Stratford 001

Most people found it very slow at first, some gave up, others persisted and enjoyed PD James' gentle philosophy. Plimmerton 001

We could not reach a consensus on this book. We would have liked some more personal details about her family. PD James is a popular crime writer with our group, and we recognised the quality of her writing. Queenstown 003

Some members really enjoyed this book. It generated lots of discussion, particularly about the author's opinions. This is the sort of book we really like to have at bookclub. Many said they needed more time to investigate the issues it raised. Newport

Although most said they didn't really enjoy the book by PD James, we had a most interesting discussion about her attitude to life, and her activities. Havelock North 005

We did enjoy PD James' reflections on her life, but found the detail of her "to-ing" and "fro-ing" rather tiresome. She was obviously a very private person. Taupo 006

Some of our group thought the book a little long, but most enjoyed it. Christchurch 001



NAP 024
The group found it quite interesting, but maybe needed tighter editing.
Very good discussion - several felt the book was too full of 'name dropping' in her various social engagements. But we had a good discussion on the craft of writing and the crime genre - and how her writing style of a different generation differs from today's writers.
WARK 005
Most liked the book, but also most thought it longer than necessary and tedious in parts.