Bookseller at the End of the World, The

Shaw, Ruth

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Ruth Shaw weaves together stories of the characters who visit her bookshops, musings about her favourite books, and bittersweet stories from her full and varied life before bookshops. She sailed through the Pacific for years, was held up by pirates, worked at Sydney's King's Cross with drug addicts and prostitutes, campaigned on numerous environmental issues, and worked the yacht Breaksea Girl as an expedition/tourist boat with her husband, Lance.

But underlining all her wanderings and adventures are some very deep losses and long-held pain. Balancing that out is her beautiful love story with Lance, and her delightful sense of humour. [Taken from book blurb, Allen & Unwin Publishing]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Great book - I do recommend it."

"First chapter was a wee bit bland, but from then on, it was riveting."

"The book not only interested me throughout, but it left me warmly disposed to the author and her achievements."

"Incidents and thoughts are described clearly and honestly."

"Such an eventful life makes for a very interesting read."

"Well written, brutally honest, utterly captivating."

"The author's life story is superb, the bookshop chapters less so, but they are short."

"The sexual content was necessary to the story and is not over-dramatised."



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