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If you're interested in joining one of these groups, please enter its name and number (eg, AKAR 001) by clicking here, and we'll send you contact details of the convenor. Most groups meet in the evenings - if they meet during the daytime, it will be indicated below. Cities and towns are listed alphabetically.

Ashburton - Allenton - Group #: ASHB 009
We would love to have some new members. Our meeting dates and times are the fourth Monday, at 11.45am, at members' homes. We are a friendly group, who love reading, and we have lively discussions. Occasionally we go out for lunch or to the movies.
Christchurch - Group #: CHCH 056

Our book group has been in existence for more than 2 decades. That doesn't mean we are in our dotage however - we just started young! Most of us are in our 50's, most work though not all. We are a friendly bunch ( all women so far ) with a variety of interests. We take turns hosting and provide something to eat with a cup of tea - after a glass of wine!

We are very good at sharing information about books we have read and often lend our own books within the group
Christchurch - Group #: CHCH 218
We are a group of women of mixed age, we meet in the evening on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Occasionally we have a vacancy in our group. Please contact BDS if you are interested in joining us.
Christchurch - Group #: CHCH 334
Men only group. We meet 1st Thursday of the month. Read a range of non-fiction and fiction. Contact us for more details.
Christchurch - Group #: CHCH 010
We have 7 members who meet in the afternoon in the North-West Christchurch area (3rd Monday) and we welcome new members.
The Book Discussion 
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