Title: Back When We Were Grown Ups
Authors: Tyler, Anne
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 274
Year: 2001
Language: English
Description: A disastrous family picnic is the catalyst for Rebecca Davitch, 53-year-old widow and matriarch of an extended family, to question her life and who she has become. She embarks on a quixotic interior journey with both funny and moving results.

Comments from Groups:

An enjoyable light read. Nelson 052

Some found it hard to get into a book without a clear plot but we all enjoyed the discussion it provoked. Hamilton 050

Typical Anne Tyler group of oddities. Provoked a lot of 'what ifs' in our own lives and memories. Auckland 271

Those who said they did not like it at all were forced to admit there were many redeeming features, much humour, wit and skill in [author's] writing. Wellington 057

Persistence was rewarded by a non-challenging read which was at the same time thought-provoking. We liked the way the author did not lead the readers to a happy ever after ending. Palmerston Nth 006

Realistic - 'life' journey book. Great character development. Good writing. Wellington 130

Categories: Fiction, Family Saga, USA, America, Light read, Blind Low Vision library


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By: NAP 011 2020-04-16 11:01:50
Everyone enjoyed this book and found it an easy, pleasant read.

By: DUNED 067 2020-04-16 11:00:20
The book had a "meandering" effect, and some enjoyed this while others became bored by it. A number of the characters held our interest (eg.Poppy), however a number of our group felt it was a rather depressing read. The range of relationships between the various characters was interesting and elicited good discussion!

By: HIKUR 001 2020-04-16 10:42:35
Everyone enjoyed this book which led to good discussions about women's lives, and the choices they make.

By: OHOPE 001 2020-04-16 10:40:50
Good discussion, although some members felt that "it didn't go anywhere". Most of us appreciated the personalities involved and the wry descriptive humour. All in all a mixed reaction.

By: AUCK 224 2020-04-16 10:32:22
Once we got over all those characters in the opening picnic, we started to feel for Rebecca, and could identify with her. Hoping for a sequel when Rebecca hooks up with Zeb!

By: OHOPE 004 2020-04-16 10:30:38
Some members did not like this book, finding the story "contrived" as the author wrote it. Lots of discussion though. Each member was given a character to discuss and analyse.

By: CROMW 004 2020-04-16 10:28:30
Lots of discussion on our lives - the different paths we could have taken. Easy read.

By: AUCK 234 2020-04-16 10:26:13
We all really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and kept you on edge til the end.

By: MORRI 002 2020-04-16 10:25:09
We all agreed that though this wasn't a profound or deeply moving book, that it was a good light read that invoked a really good discussion. It got us all talking about our own lives and learning more about each other.

By: BALCL 001 2020-04-16 10:22:50
Some people found that once they were about half way through the book, they enjoyed it more, but others didn't complete it. A few really liked the character, Rebecca, and others thought she was a doormat who needed to stand up for herself. Many found the number of characters introduced so quickly exasperating, as they tried to fit who belonged with who...a few even wrote out a family tree! A lively discussion was had.

By: WHAKA 002 2019-11-04 14:37:20
Nice gentle read.

By: CHCH 378 2018-08-23 17:05:32
The group enjoyed this book but found it a bit hard going in places.

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