Title: Bee Season, The
Authors: Goldberg, Myla
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 275
Year: 2001
Language: English
Description: Eliza Naumann is an unremarkable nine-year-old in a very remarkable family until she skyrockets through all the local spelling bees to the national championships. Her father, Saul, takes this as a sign that she is destined for greatness. Bee Season is a portrait of a family obsessed with the divine. Blends Jewish mysticism and the dynamics of an unconventional family to come to a startling conclusion.

Comments from Groups:

Sparked fabulous debate! Most thought the writing was extraordinarily good and clever. great themes. Auckland 090

Lovely writing, very sad story of emotional neglect. Fernside 001

Very poignant, sad and funny. Wellington 161

Most loved it. Interesting book on lots of levels - dysfunctional family, mental illnes, expectations of chidren etc. Nelson 048

This was the best discussion we have had in a long time! The book was a great read, very interesting characters, very clever. Highly recommended. Caotsville 001

Some found the book not believable, others were fascinated by the Jewish beliefs and the tragic dysfunctional family finally disintegrating. Christchurch 086

Categories: Fiction, Learning, Relationships, Religion, USA, America


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