Title: Wolf Hall
Authors: Mantel, Hilary
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 653
Year: 2009
ISBN-10(13): 9780007292417
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language: English
Description: Moving from the backstreets of London to the court of Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell was a self-made man. In this epic work, immersed in the brutal world of the Tudors, the author presents an entirely different perspective on this powerful courtier and his place in English history. Rich in political and religious intrigue, and with its large cast of familiar characters, Wolf Hall offers an absorbing and original experience of Tudor England. Winner of the 2009 Man Booker Prize. [Big read}

Comments from Groups:

This should have been a 2 month book, not an easy read. Christchurch 176

We were evenly split between those who love English history and those who weren't. The ones who did thought this book brought the period to life and was one of the best they had read. The characters were believable. All agreed it was too long. Doubtless Bay 001

Those in our group who enjoy history stories just loved this book. It wa very well written and kept you involved in the story. Southbridge 001

Categories: Fiction, Big Read, Biography, Literary, Historical, Political, Religion, England, Blind Foundation book


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