Title: Big Thirst, The
Authors: Fishman, Charles
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 402
Year: 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Language: English
Description: From the needs of the seven billion inhabitants of earth, to the demands of fuel hungry societies and widespread pollution, a substance essential to our very existence is under threat: water. Journalist Charles Fishman plumbs the depths of the role water plays in our lives; how we use it, abuse it, allocate it and fight over it.

Highly informative while entertaining and easy to read, this book considers water management in several countries as well as presenting constructive solutions to the water challenges the world faces. [Small font]

Comments from Groups:

A very worthwhile book which we all found of great interest. We now have a much wider perspective and understanding of water. The message was hopeful - much to discuss! Coromandel 002

An interesting book that reflected a huge amount of research into one of the most worrying concerns of the present-day. It provided much discussion for group members, and we found the anecdotal style and the detailed data increased our understanding of the issues. On the other hand, the repetitive nature of the information and the sheer volume of the book were intimidating for a number of the group. Palmerston North 002

This is a fascinating book; the somewhat mundane subject of water made very informative and interesting. This is the type of book which is the reason we belong to book club. Most members intend getting their own copy, as everyone in the family wanted to read it! Mangawhai 001

Excellent - at times a little long-winded but easy to read. Recommended as a 'must' read. Lively discussion. Whangarei 004

The sheer volume of information deterred one reader but fascinated most. We noted our changing attitudes to water in our lifetimes (we are all over 65), and thought reticulating 'purple pipes' would be hugely expensive but needs to be done by our generation rather than passing the responsibility on to the next. Whakatane 008

We all thought this book was extremely interesting. Charles Fishman has the gift of relating scientific facts and data to the ordinary things of life, making them easy to understand. Great discussion - we agreed it was of great importance, and a 'must' read for all. Rotorua 006

A book packed with detail and interesting facts, and relevant scenarios. Water affects each of us in many different ways, so everyone had a different perspective in the discussion. Wanaka 013

Categories: Non fiction, Contemporary, Environmental, Morals/Ethics, Science & Technology, Small font


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