Title: Bad Pharma
Authors: Goldacre, Ben
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 430
Year: 2012
Language: English
Description: From a workday headache to a life-threatening illness, the contents of the medicine cupboard are there to cure all that ails us. But can consumers be confident that the drugs they turn to are not going to cause them more harm than good?

From the trial and reporting processes to regulations and marketing, this book puts the pharmaceutical industry under the microscope to answer this question. Supported by extensive research, this is compelling and important journalism that examines and diagnoses the maladies affecting the industry as well as proffering the appropriate treatment to ensure consumers can make informed decisions.

Comments from Groups:

A demanding read, requiring undivided attention and focus. The excellent study guide provided a great overview for those who found it tough going. It sparked a great discussion. Alexandra 001

Most of us read this, and found the contents/arguments interesting and challenging. We thought we'd not have much to discuss, but we took some time over how our thinking had changed, and also recognising some of the shoddy practices that we had not known about. A very worth-while read. Tauranga 005

Only two people had read this to the end, but all had read some of it and were interested in the subject. There was lots of discussion, and we enjoyed the good notes and questions. It was perhaps a little detailed - the author was meticulous in his presentation of the case against 'bad pharma', but this made for a slow read - a bit heavy going. Lower Hutt 002

Is nobody to be trusted any more? Now it seems you can't even trust your own doctor. The author is a man on a mission to debunk our traditional thoughts regarding evidence based medicines, and has revealed a mountain of information for us to digest and ponder. A hefty read which not all managed to complete. The two pharmacists in our group were able to provide opposition against, and reassurance that all is not as bad as Ben Goldacre makes out. Fernside 001

An absolute top quality book that everyone should be required to read. Nelson 002

Only one read the entire book, with others skimming the repetitive parts. We still had a heated discussion over the way drug companies steer which drugs are sold and used. Every one of us will now be questioning any medication we are prescribed! Putaruru 001

It was too repetitive and technical, and would only appeal to a very narrow audience. It explores interesting ideas , but is not written in an easily enjoyed manner. Led to a great chat though! Motueka 004

Categories: Non fiction, Contemporary, Medical/Health, Morals/Ethics


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By: WHANG 023 2019-05-07 15:47:45
About half of us read it and half of us liked it. Some gave up reading half way through. A bit repetitive in places, ok on the level of imparting information, but nothing reassuring if you are aready on medication. Could do with better editing.

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