Title: Babylon's Ark
Authors: Anthony, Lawrence
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 245
Year: 2007
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin
Language: English
Description: When South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony arrives in Baghdad during the Iraq War determined to rescue the animals from the city's zoo, the situation is dire. Fortunately with help from unexpected quarters, and against all the odds, his unrelenting efforts pay off.

From bartering for food in the war-torn streets and preventing the remaining animals from being looted, through to saving Saddam's lions and Arabian horses, this is a thrilling adventure of courageous people committed to saving animals. A war-zone story with a difference.

Comments from Groups:

We had a big discussion on this book. We felt it could have been shortened, but it gave an interesting insight into the immediate aftermath of war. A story of a very determined and dedicated man. Christchurch 176

The initial reaction of some group members to "Babylon's Ark" was to question its suitability as a group discussion book. Some also commented about the final chapters seeming like a 'plug' for the author's organisation and website. However we quickly got into a fruitful and lively discussion about the various issues raised in the book, re the fate of the animal population in times of war, and also the effect of war on the population in general. This book was not just about the plight of the animals, but presented all too vivid a cameo on conditions as they existed in Iraq at the time. The book was very informative at many levels,and sparked wide discussion and all agreed, although it was an unusual choice of book, it touched the heart and provoked thought. There were general expressions of satisfaction all round at the end of the evening. All agreed it was worthwhile. Te Anau 001

This is a true story of the late South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony's commitment to help save the animals, now barely surviving, at the Baghdad zoo in war torn Iraq. This book expresses deep feelings of disbelief at man's inhumane treatment to life; our planet; and tragically to those creatures caged and unable to fend for themselves - bringing to the fore in our discussion, the ethics of keeping any animal caged and far from their natural environment. This book is an informative and emotional journey that we would highly recommend. Tauranga 022

Everyone was highly impressed with Lawrence Anthony, and his courage and sheer determination in the salvaging of he Baghdad zoo. It was also an illuminating exposure of the Iraq war, and the destruction and wrecking of a country. Christchurch 145

Not a 'captivating' read despite a fascinating storyline. Auckland 063

The writer was very single-minded about the animals. We'd have liked to learn more about the local humans - the zoo workers, etc. Wellington 144

Loved the book. Very informative. Very well written. Matamata 004

Categories: Non fiction, Environmental, Inspirational, Morals/Ethics, Social commentary/perspectives, 2016 Titles, Iraq


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By: HUNTLY 001 2020-04-29 11:30:32
An extraordinary story. None of us had ever considered the plight of animals trapped in zoos during a war. We all admired the author and found his story inspiring.

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