Title: Plainsong
Authors: Haruf, Kent
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 301
Year: 1999
Language: English
Description: Holt, Colorado. Population: nobody is counting. Tom Guthrie, local schoolteacher learning to manage without his wife and mother of his sons Ike and Bobby, Maggie Jones helping teenager Victoria Roubideaux find refuge in the home of confirmed bachelors and cattle farmers Raymond and Harold McPherson; ordinary people going about their ordinary lives. However, poetic evocations of landscape and weather ensure this beautifully rendered story of quintessential small town America is far from ordinary.

As simple and as unadorned as its title suggests, it is a quiet celebration of the power of community and the presence of grace. [small font]

Comments from Groups:

We all really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading the next two books in the trilogy. Palmerston North 031

Exceptionally well received - some gave it a "10'!! Auckland 287

A beautiful book. Well structured and lives up to its title. Enjoyed by all and highly recommended. Thames 002

We all liked this book - the style of writing, and the picture it portrayed of small town America. We found the title very apt - there were no emotional highs or lows, despite the individual dramas. It all continued on the same note. Whitby 002

We all enjoyed this story of small town US. We could relate to it as we live in a small town here. Once we were used to the lack of speech marks, the story of the people of Holt became absorbing with its simple and unadorned story-telling language. Lives of ordinary people rendered extraordinary by the quality of the spare, restrained writing and beautiful descriptions of the countryside. Believable situations and characters - we loved them all. Matamata 001

Categories: Fiction, Community, Relationships, America, 2016 Titles, Small font


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