Title: Something To Live For
Authors: Roper, Richard
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 344
Year: 2019
Language: English
Description: It wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea - working for the local council managing the funeral arrangements for those who die alone - but it suits loner Andrew Smith. Not that his colleagues think of him as a loner - following an awkward moment at the job interview, it was a case of needs must, and now he is saddled with a fictitious wife and two children. But his life, fictitious or otherwise is about to change with the arrival of a new co-worker, Peggy Green.

Quirky and poignant, this life-affirming story deftly juggles the challenges of loneliness, social isolation and the need for connection, with dark humour and warmth. [Larger font]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"While it's a story about loneliness, it's a warm-hearted and quirky story along the lines of Bridget Jones and Eleanor Oliphant."

"There are good sub-plots which keep you reading and you become fond of Richard."

"Imagine having a job following up on lonely deaths! While it sounds grotesque, it was interesting and not morbid at all."

"The story moves easily between comedy and sadness."

"I was apprehensive about reading a book about death but I experienced the feeling of uplifting rather than depressing. I did enjoy it."

"A most enjoyable read. Lighter in style and I smile as I think of the book."
Categories: Fiction, Community, Grief/loss, Humour, Love story, Relationships, Uplifting, England, Light style, 2021 Titles, Larger font


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By: WHANG 015 2021-02-22 11:35:15
A nice easy read to start the year off. It makes you realise how people lose contact with friends and family so easily.

By: DUNED 002 2020-11-19 13:20:11
Many people thoroughly enjoyed it; some thought it one of our best reads this year.

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