Title: Have You Seen Luis Velez?
Authors: Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 320
Year: 2019
Language: English
Description: Teenager Raymond Jaffe will end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to track down the eponymous Luiz Velez, in an effort to help his blind, elderly neighbour, Mildred Gutermann. Mildred's caregiver Luis has gone AWOL and when disaffected Raymond steps into the breach, a whole new world opens up for these two vulnerable characters.

Set in a challenging New York neighbourhood, this is a captivating story of unexpected friendship, the balm of burdens shared and the ability of kindness and connection to counter loss and regret.

Categories: Fiction, Community, Contemporary, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Grief/loss, Morals/Ethics, Relationships, Social commentary/perspectives, Uplifting, USA, America, 2022 Titles


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By: WELL 079 2022-05-11 14:41:04
9/10 felt the book was somewhat simplistic in its presentation of the issues. All agreed that the issues raised were worthy of discussion, but felt that character development could have been better. One person really enjoyed the book, and it was an easy read.

By: NAP 005 2021-11-16 00:48:39
All our group enjoyed this book. It had heart and special messages and meanings for us all. We found Raymond an interesting character and became involved in his journey to help Mrs G find Luis Velez, a journey which led him to find out more about himself and become more comfortable with who he was. Mrs G gave this unhappy, lonely boy a purpose in life and as he met different Luis Velez and their families he grew into a likeable young man with a renewed appetite for life. Mrs G had lessons for us all on life, chance, prejudice and happiness.

By: NAP 030 2021-08-02 10:18:23
Very mixed response. 5 members found it to be very good with interesting characters. Some of us found it to be very moralising and sentimental. We had a really interesting discussion.

By: HAMIL 029 2021-07-07 11:27:36
This was a popular read with the group. The story is full of interest - plot, characters, and contemporary issues raised are all engrossing. It's an easy ready too - we thought it probably a YA book, but none the worse for that.

By: HOKITIK 003 2021-03-31 12:25:42
Lots of thought provoking issues - (war; religion; race; sexuality) and stigmas. Author makes you think and raises awareness of these while keeping you in your comfort zone. Good generational issues and different perspectives.. Learning and growth and lots of symbolism. Life is grey, and not black and white!

By: QUEEN 003 2021-03-10 10:16:40
This book was an enjoyable read for us all. The wisdom and empathy of Mrs G. was a lesson not only to Raymond, but to us all. Could the trial result happen here in NZ? We did not think so. The highlight was the trip to hear the cello player. This book had many contrasts.

By: AUCK 025 2021-03-08 11:39:55
Very readable, great plot and characterisation. Enjoyed by group.

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