Staff Picks - what we are reading

Staff and volunteers share some of their favourite reads from the scheme.

Article Image Jane - busy mum's choices

Jane is one of our dispatch team. As a busy mum of three, a book needs to be an absorbing and enjoyable distraction! Her summertime reading included:

1. The Light Between Oceans

2. A Man called Ove

"I felt sorry for him" she says of the main character.


Article Image Marjorie - people and perceptive humour

Marjorie is our most 'mature' volunteer (she's 90!). She brings smiles to the office and helps cover new books to the scheme.

She likes writers such as Alan Bennett and Bill Bryson and is currently reading short stories by Jojo Moyes .

Over the summer holidays Marjorie enjoyed reading:

1. Family Album

2. Thousand Hills to Heaven

Article Image Annie - broaden my world view

Annie is one of our dispatch team, writes the book blurbs for BDS and convenes two book groups.

She says her favourite book is usually the one she is reading at the time, but (more helpfully) adds: "My reading choices are 'ideas-driven'. I read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction but really enjoy stories that make me think and so challenge and broaden my view of the world."

Annie's current best reads are:

1. The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

2. Station Eleven

"It's the most believable and hopeful post-apocalyptic story I have ever read."

3. The Universe versus Alex Woods

4. We Are Completely Beside Ourselves



Article Image Trisha - non-fiction

Trisha, an ex-staff member of BDS, comes in once a week to cover books as a volunteer. She prefers non-fiction but also enjoys thought-provoking 'easy to read' fiction.

"I like to think about different things," she says. 

Trisha's top reads from her summer holidays include:

1. An Ordinary Man: The True Story Behind Hotel Rwanda

2. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window (fiction but episodes based on historical figures) 

Her other favourite non-fiction books are:

3. Thousand Hills to Heaven

4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

5. The Worst Hard Time

6. A Long Way Home [film version 'The Lion']

"I also watched the '60 Minutes' story about this Indian boy whose mother never moved in case he came back."

Article Image Robyn - absorbing

Robyn volunteers a day a week and comes in to help cover new books. She enjoys reading "anything you can get absorbed in and forget everything else". Her top picks are:

1. Our Souls At Night

2. The Birth House

She has also enjoyed:

3. St Agnes' Stand

4. The Industry of Souls

5. Gweilo

6. Every Last One 

Article Image Aimee - a gripping story

Aimee works part-time in our distribution area, unpacking returned books and reshelving them. She convenes a book group of 8 women and often have extreme differences of opinion!. 

Her favourite read from the summer holidays is Sister. 

Other books she has enjoyed from the scheme are:

1. A Guide to the Birds of East Africa

2. Gone Girl

"Oh my word, I kept reading it into the night to find out what happens."

3. Light Between Oceans

Article Image Megan - thoughtful and inspiring

Megan is our promotions person. She enjoys books that are inspiring or in which people or characters grow and develop. Some of her popular winter time reading includes:

1. The President's Hat

"A quick, delightful, quirky read. A hint of magic with a punch of realism at the end".

2. Our Souls at Night

3. The Brighter Side of My Condition

4. Station Eleven


"Gripping. A post pandemic story that's a page-turner and offers a glimmer of hope for the new world."

5. A History of Silence

"Probably the best (auto)biography I've read. Poetic and metaphorical; it's like a mind-map of Jones' life."


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