Maid, The

Prose, Nita

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It would be easy to underestimate Molly Gray. As a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel, she unashamedly strives to return things to a ‘state of perfection’. But when one of the guests - the notorious Mr Black - is found murdered in his hotel bed, Molly’s unique take on the world comes to the fore.

Weaving an enjoyable morality tale through a classic whodunnit, this is an intriguing contemporary mystery with a very distinctive protagonist.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is such an enjoyable morality tale."

"Molly's character - always willing but bewildered in social situations - is very appealing."

"The love that her grandmother showed in trying to teach Molly to cope is shown tenderly by this writer."

"Molly is a female Forrest Gump and non-the-less appealing for that."

"A story that would appeal widely and leave most readers a little happier."

"This is an easy read, it is not a 'deep' book. It will suit some groups beautifully but if they're after a 'meaty' book, then this is not for them."

"A book for many audiences, it has both a feel-good quality and a very satisfying resolution."

"There were a few surprises in the book which I didn't see coming."

"I enjoyed Molly's character, but I enjoyed the other characters as well. They were interesting and well-drawn and seeing them through Molly's eyes was fascinating."



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