Thursday Murder Club, The

Osman, Richard

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So much for lazy days dozing in the sun! The Jigsaw Room at Coppers Chase is being put to good use by the Thursday Murder Club: Elizabeth (something to do with espionage), Joyce (a former nurse), Ibrahim (a psychiatrist), and Ron (a trade unionist through and through) are testing their mettle with cold cases, abruptly upgraded to an active case involving their very own retirement village. With the strategic (but unofficial) inclusion of the ambitious P. C. Donna De Freitas to the mix, they are ready to put their formidable nous and experience to excellent use.

Fast-paced, clever and so very British, this is a highly entertaining story with murder and mirth cheek by jowl.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Witty, clever, quirky, fast moving. Also sad, haunting and poignant."

"This is a light thriller, but told with great humour and warmth and with understanding for older people's foibles."

"A wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend."

"I loved the fun and humour. It's very easy to read."

"There are more serious sections to balance the story and make the reader care about the characters."

"This is a light read, but there are serious topics behind the humour."

"Very well-written, capturing the voice of the residents with ease and humour."

"Great setting and fun to read."

"I loved it. It was complex, fast moving, warmly human and both hilarious and poignant about the elderly."

"The book is set out in small chapters which makes it feel very past-paced and gives the story great momentum."

'It is light and fun. It's not for a group looking for a serious, literary read."



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